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Episode 26: Connect Like A Community Organizer in 7 Steps

At the heart of community organizing is relationship building and inviting people to join the movement. In this episode, we give you the 7 steps to have one-on-one conversations like a community organizer. With these steps, you’ll be able to connect people with their passion and help them find an outlet by jumping in work you are facilitating.

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Episode 21: Krysta Jones 'Get Out of Your Comfort Zone'

In this episode, we interview Krysta Jones, an exceptional leader who develops other African-American women to lead their communities. Jones spearheads initiatives that focus on diversifying leadership. And In this episode we ask you to take on a new challenge to develop new relationships in diverse communities.

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Episode 16: Run for Office, Girl

In episode 16, we take you on a crash course on how to run for public office. We are joined by Jessica Rohloff, justice advocate and board member of the League of Women Voters of the United States, who shares her experience of being an candidate. Learn more about why women need to step forward and run!

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