Episode 6: Fundraising for Your Cause Part 2

In this supersized episode, we talk about raising funds for your League of Women Voters projects, specifically, the how-tos of how to make it rain money! We also have a special guest, LWVUS Board member, Kim Lauth. 

Deeds Not Words Segment

We are joined by Kim Lauth, board member of the League of Women Voters of the United States and CEO of Kim Lauth Consulting, LLC. Find out more about Kim.

Kim details the power of a fundraising ask event, which is a great way to bring money to your cause. Email Kayte Kennedy, Chief Development Officer at LWVUS to be added to a list-serv about League fundraising.

Direct mail /Appeal Letter Tips

  1. Personalize your letter
  2. Add pictures of activities (voter registrations, etc)
  3. Consider writing one letter to League members and another to community members.
  4. Write the letter in the form of a story
  5. Include “you” language so the reader knows their contribution will make a difference. 
  6. Have a personal note.
  7. Include a P.S.
  8. Keep a file of other organizations’ ask letters
  9. Include a remit envelope
  10. Stamped letters are better
  11. Reply with a thank you letter within 3 days. Donations to 501(c)3 organization have to mailed by the end of January of the next fiscal year.
  12. Grow your lists by asking board members and former board members 
  13. Create a calendar for appeal letters (summer, year end, voter guide, dues renewal)

Crowdsourcing may be be worth trying with your networks. Websites to try: Fundraise.com, CauseVox, Fundly, Razoo, StartSomeGood, indiegogo, Facebook fundraising. 

Good Idea Fairies

  • Have a donation box
  • Host a film and food night
  • Host a trivia night
  • Partner with a vendor for a promotion.
  • Create your own t-shirts and get commission. Websites to try:  Custom Ink's Booster, TeeSpring, CafePress. Remember: If the volunteers wear the same shirt, it is great for advocacy, observer corp, and voter registration. 
  • Host a holiday party with followup for the ask
  • Fundraise for "passion projects" where you raise money for a specific cause within the League
  • Host a "Birthday Change" event. Ask your guests to make change with their change.
  • Offer to run elections for homeowners associations, unions and neighborhood councils
  • Have a fundraising match. Have the board, major donor or another organization offer to match the gifts of donors. 
  • Host a Phonathon
  • Partner with a radio station to host an auction 

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