Episode 4: Engaging New Volunteers

In episode 4,  we talk about engaging new volunteers in person and online, and we share a League of Women Voters activist alert.

Examples of Negative Experience of New Volunteers

  • Bad emails
  • No communication
  • Not asking why they joined and what motivates them
  • Not inviting them to join with volunteer opportunities
  • Not defining volunteer role
  • No connections to other volunteers

Tips to Remember

This Maya Angelou quote is good to remember: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Relationships are being built face-to-face and online.

Examples of Positive Experiences of New Volunteers

  • Host a League 101 training.
  • Explain volunteer roles clearly.
  • Provide meaty and challenging roles (think: resume building).
  • The feeling that the activity is worth while. 
  • Refresher training / regional training / train the trainer workshops. 
  • Good Communications - if they don’t know an opportunity exists, then it doesn’t exist. It has to be polished and clear.

Tips to Remember:

  • Email Tips: Subject Lines are really important. Make is standout!
  • Signupgenius.com and SignUp.com - for volunteer notifications.
  • MealTrain.com - To organize meals.
  • LinkedIn.com to share experiences, help build networks and build online resumes--for your League, it's members and supporters, and you.
  • Figure out what social media platforms your community uses. Manage those platforms really well.
  • Graphics - if you need help with graphics, check out canva.com.
  • Don’t be afraid to send emails and reminders. Have the news be ongoing. This demonstrates how active your League is.
  • Recognize volunteer contributions. A great example is from Oregon Bus Project, the “t-shirt that cannot be bought.”
  • Use Annual Meetings as a way to highlight the great work your League has done. Celebrate your successes and volunteers! - Tell your volunteers' stories.

Hands-On Tips

Activist Alert

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