Episode 2: Real Stories of Leadership Development

We're excited for our second episode of the What Would Alice Paul Do? Podcast! The response to our show has been overwhelming. Thank you for supporting our project! In this episode, we share personal stories of leadership development in the League of Women Voters.

Deeds Not Words Segment

Our Tips:

  • Build Relationships
  • "Bring the Party" - have food and conversations
  • Use volunteers’ personal talents
  • Use passion of volunteers to make a difference with the mission of the League versus the adminstrative work of the League
  • Raise the visibility of the League of Women Voters and have multiple people helping with social media, creating flyers, radio interviews, letters-to-the-editor
  • Be conscious with making the work-life balance with volunteers  
  • Start small when developing leaders
  • Provide a support system for new members. Find out more about LWV mentoring (Video)
  • Outline expectations for leadership positions.

Mail Bag

We talk about this quote from a listener: “A good leader leads where the group is interested in going, with stretch.”

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